Camden Cards Fail to Boost Local Economy

The Wedge Card, which offers discounts in a bid to help support local businesses and enhance local community, has so far failed to take off in the borough of Camden.

Since June, 4,500 cards have been distributed and 90 local businesses have signed up to the scheme in order to help rejuvenate Camden’s local community.

Sunash Parekh, 25, from Camden Road, recently opened the Camden Coffee House and hopes the Wedge Card will help his business compete with renowned coffee outlets in the area.

Despite his positivity, Sunash pointed out that since joining the scheme four months ago, no one has used the Wedge Card to take advantage of his offers.

He said, “I’m happy I signed up for the Wedge scheme, but feel the offer needs more output as 10%-15% of my customers who have a wedge card don’t realise that they can use it here.”

Alan Ward, a local resident, hadn’t heard of the discount card but thought it was a good idea for the community “Camden is now seen as tourist attraction, but hopefully this scheme will get the locals back out.”

Mathieu Guillois, a bartender in the Oxford Arms, owns a Wedge Card yet is unaware of where he can use it. And has never used it.

Ben Larsen from Camden Town Unlimited acknowledges that the process is a learning curve, but was hasten to add that feedback from local businesses so far has been very positive.

By Nick Higgins and Dean Walsh


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