Volatile Protests at BBC Television Centre

Protesters gathered outside the BBC Television Centre today
Protesters gathered outside the BBC Television Centre today

Around 30 people gained access to the BBC television centre in London today, as several hundred gathered outside to protest against Nick Griffin’s appearance on ‘Question Time’ this evening.

The demonstrators stormed the front gates after they opened to allow a car through and broke down a security barrier before gaining access to the building in White City. Once inside the building they were not violent and were quickly removed by BBC security and police.

Protester Mark Twyford, a 21 year old student at the London School of Economics, said, “Everytime the BNP are given a public platform, racist attacks rise by about 300 percent. I don’t think we should be giving an openly racist party a public platform.”

David Broader, also 21 was protesting not only against the BNP but against the treatment of immigrants by the two main political parties as well. He said “I don’t think its ok to ally with the Labour Party or the Tories against the BNP, actually I think, although they are not Fascist Party’s, they themselves attack immigrants day by day.”

Police were also forced to close the road outside Wood Lane tube station for a number of hours as anti-fascist groups spilled into the streets and blocked the route of cars and buses during the evening rush hour.

Anti-Fascist protesters outside the Television Centre earlier today

Anti-Fascist protesters outside Television Centre earlier today

It was a volatile atmosphere as demonstrators marched, chanted and let off flares. There was a heavy police presence containing the crowds trying to get in the gates and holding back protesters marching in the Road.

According to the Metropolitan Police, six protesters are being held and three police officers were injured in today’s protests.

The controversial episode of ‘Question Time’ can be seen tonight on BBC One at 10.35pm.

By Nick Higgins


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  1. that is absolutely amazing! great reporting!

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