Politicians and journalists: society’s most hated?

The Iraqi journalist made famous for throwing his shoes at George W. Bush when he was President has suffered an identical attack whilst speaking at an event in Paris.

Indeed the way that Muntadar al-Zaidi ducked down to his left as the shoe came directly for his head bore a remarkable resemblance to Bush’s own dodge in 2008.

Eggs, shoes… what next?

This particular story struck me as being quite comical and of increased relevance given my last post was about people throwing eggs at a politician. It seems the world has gone mad with throwing things, and random things at that.

First eggs, then shoes, then eggs again. Now shoes…again! I find myself asking what next? A sock? A cabbage? Or maybe just more shoes… and eggs.

Verbal attack is one thing, journalists verbally attack politicians, politicians verbally attack journalists, and the public verbally attack both. It’s an age-old pattern. However, it is certainly a worrying development that these two professions, or as I like to call them: ‘society’s most hated’ are beginning to come under physical attack from both the public and one another.

I can only hope that this most recent episode of shoe throwing at journalists does not take off in the same way throwing eggs at politicians seems to have done. Otherwise it might be necessary to rethink my career choice, before I get a boot to the face.


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