Revealing celebrity desperation is a useful purpose for reality TV

Boy George (courtesy of Usuário Idril)

It has been revealed today that the High Court has refused Boy George permission to appear on the final series of celebrity Big Brother which is set to start on 3rd January.

In May, the former Culture Club singer was tagged and sentenced to a 15 month curfew after assaulting a male escort in his East London flat. This is the reason why the Judge has denied Boy George the opportunity to appear on the reality show from which he was set to earn a reported £200,000.

The circumstances surrounding this case should not be surprising. After all, as I mentioned in my last post, many have come to know reality television as humiliating and degrading. For this reason and the fact that, in my opinion, Big Brother typifies this particular view of reality television, it is in no way surprising that Channel 4 has attempted to lure a man in such a position as Boy George onto the show.

What is surprising however is that Boy George is so keen to take them up on their offer. Although he would be the top earner on the show and one could argue he has got nothing to lose, it cannot be denied that participants rarely escape the confines of the Big Brother house with dignity intact.

In many ways Boy George’s enthusiasm to appear on the show typifies the sad reality that many celebrities face as their career’s wind down and work stops coming in. It is worth noting though, that the only reason we know this sad reality exists is through the production of such programmes as Celebrity Big Brother. Without these programmes we would not be able to watch these ‘has beens’ 24 hours a day for a whole month and we subsequently wouldn’t know how desperate ageing celebrities can actually get.


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